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Waiver Form – A Summary

A waiver form is an intentional relinquishment of a legal right, privilege or claim of one person or any official document that states the relinquishment. It is a kind of dispensation from any rule or a penalty. The legal right or claim can be statutory, contractual, or constitutional. Mostly waiver forms are in writing like a document or text, but sometimes it can also be a person’s action event or activity. There are many grounds of inadmissibility depending on the type of waiver you file. An example of this could be forgetting to get it notarized, not paying the file fee of the release and waiver

Waiver Form –  Different examples waiver of liability agreement

  • Some years ago people who used to play football, got injury on their knee. So they mention this in their insurance application so as to get surgery. The underwriters of insurance company decide to place waiver so that to overcome the loss due to knee problem. Through this waiver they decide to cover people for everything except their knee.
  • Earlier people who want to join armed forces had to qualify the test. In case they scored less points in the test they had to get a category 4 waiver so they can join anyway. (CAT-4 is currently suspended)
  • A criminal defendant can waive or relinquish the right against self incrimination simply by standing on the witness stand.

Conditions for a Waiver Forms to be legal and binding:

  • The waiver form should be explicit and unambiguous to a reasonable person.
  • A waiver form must be made voluntarily and with precise knowledge of the right or privilege to be waived.
  • A waiver form must possess 3 basic components to make it legal and binding: offer, acceptance, and consideration.
  • One may not relinquish liability for a few or all intentional activities.
  • There is also a presence requirement where physical presence is required for the waiver form to be vvalid

Filing Tips – How to file a form


  • Sign and date your forms after you review them to make sure they are correct.
  • Get them notarized or have necessary witnesses sign
  • Take them to the correct court office
  • Pay any associated fees
  • Check back in a couple of weeks to make sure everything was filed correctly

    Hold Harmless Agreement

    A hold harmless agreement is an agreement where you agree to take responsibility for something you incurred. In other words you are “holding harmless” the third party that you sign it with. An example would be that i sold you my business Id hold you harmless on any debts that I had already incurred. These are closely related to Waiver of Subrogation and waiver forms in general.