Basketball Waiver and Release

Basketball has invaded the arena with every generation of American. It is an indoor game that is played for fun and for competitions. Like any group sport, the main goal of the game is making great points and preventing the opposing teams to score. There is also a strategy to the game where they compete to find the most physical players to make their team #1. This attitude is one of the factors why the players are exposed to great risk in this bodily contact sport and that is also why injuries and possible damages are likely to happen to the players. When entering in any basketball teams, especially in a school basketball team or in any community basketball team- based, the first thing that should go trough is signing an agreement, a certain basketball waiver. But this is not the only reasons why a basketball player is waived.

Basketball is a vigorous physical activity that involves running, jumping, rotation, violent body contact, and rapid directional change so participation in basketball involves certain inherent risks and that regardless of the precautions taken by Andrews County Youth Recreation Center or the participants, some injuries may occur. The injuries that could be protected by a basketball waiver include but are not limited to:
1. Sprains, strained muscles
2. Broken bones, dislocated joints
3. Permanent disability
4. Quadriplegia
5. Death
These injuries may result from hazards such as but not limited to:
1. Running into an opponent
2. Stepping on or tripping over another player
3. Running into a wall or other obstruction
4. Being struck by another opponent or the ball

Basketball Waiver – Do you need one?