Fee Waiver

Protect yourself with Fee Waiver Forms

Fee waiver is a document or a form through which you are allowed to participate in an event without having to pay the usual fee under a particular venture. By signing fee waiver form, the service provider (individual or organization) will waive a certain amount of fee. However it is somehow associated with normal waiver.

Generally a fee waiver is intended for those people who cannot afford to pay the fees due to various circumstances. You need to provide verbal or written evidence stating that an individual shall be waived from a right to pay the fees. Here are few instances previewing fee waiver schemes:

  • Students in the United States or U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico, who cannot afford to pay the test fees, are qualified for SAT fee waivers.
  • In India the AICTE has been empowered under AICTE Act to formulate schemes of fee waiver for women, handicapped and weaker sections of the society for promoting technical education.
  • Institute of International Trade declares that the candidates who register themselves in a group of 3 or more shall be allowed for a fee waiver of 15% on the total course fees.

You must remember that fee waiver is given by various service providers for development of various sections of a country or state under certain favorable conditions which must be fulfilled in order to claim for a fee waiver. Mostly organizations demand various necessary documents such as proof, affidavit and so on. They can reject the applications in case the required conditions are not met.

Example of a fee Waiver Letter

To Whom it May Concern,

(your full name)  would like to request an Application Fee Waiver, because of the current difficult economic times our country is facing. []Insert anything special about your situation here]   As you can see the (your first name) family is not an exception from this situation.

As you understand in his case the amount of the application fee is quite substantial to be paid, and I would greatly appreciate it if you pay attention to these circumstances and allow the student to apply without paying the application fee.

Thank you in advance for your understanding of the problems we face

[Your Name]

Fee Waiver Example from US goverment