Fitness Waiver Form

Fitness Waiver Form

If you are a fitness enthusiast considering becoming a personal trainer or gym owner there are many things you must realize.No matter what type of fitness programs you are going to offer they could all benefit from having participants sign a fitness waiver form. These fitness waiver forms can go by many different names,protect from many different liabilities and are strictly confidential in most states. They can called activity release forms, fitness waiver releases, physical fitness waiver and fitness liability waivers and cover a wide range of activities. No matter they name they use they serve the same purpose and this is to protect you and your property from frivolous lawsuits. It doesn’t matter if you teach competitive bodybuilding,yoga and exercise programs for pregnant women you need to protect yourself from liability. When you participants sign a waiver form they are intentional relinquishing their rights to take legal action against you.


My story how a fitness waiver form saved my business

Here is my story about a guy in Orange County that had a a television in the gym was working out come crashing to the floor and ruined his knee. It was pretty soon after joining an exclusive gym that jack hired a “fitness trainer” to help him workout. Not long after they started their workout he was standing by the treadmill and noticed that the TV was turned the other direction and he couldn’t watch it while working out. Her reached over to turn it and While holding the television in place in an attempt to prevent it from crashing to the floor, the gym accident occurred. It was a knee injury had a devastating effect on his life: it was painful and prevented him from walking properly, which, in turn, forced him to take time off from work; as his income ceased, and his medical bills mounted. Since he was not exercising when the accident occurred, he reasoned that the gym and the trainer that he hired was was liable for his injuries.

To his dismay, he lost the case. Had he carefully read the fitness waiver form, he would have found that the fitness waiver exempted the gym from responsibility for his injuries and property loss or damage as long as he was on the gym’s premises, whether he was using exercise equipment or not. In court he contended that the negligence release must be reasonably related to the purpose of the release, which was fitness and it held up.

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If these guys only knew the important of the fitness waiver. Hope they are ok.


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Fitness Waiver Form