Gymnastics Waiver Form

When we talk about gymnastics we know it’s all about agility, flexibility, style, focus and balance. It is not a very easy sport because it involves many techniques and standards and the athlete has to be strictly trained to perform gymnastics  and must be supervised by coaches even if you have all  this in place a gymnastics  waiver, might be taken into consideration because of the risks that might faced by the gymnasts even if they follow all the necessary policies and procedures that are in place and use the appropriate equipment..

Take for example a school  allowing  a student to enroll in a gymnastics school program and the use by the students of the  premises and the property of said school, the undersigned, being the legal guardian’s signature of the student, acting for themselves and on behalf of the  student release and hold harmless to the school, it’s owners, officers and employees of and from any and all  liability, claims, actions, and causes of actions whatsoever, arising out of or relating to any loss, damage, or injury, that may be sustained by the student while in, on, or upon the premises. This is normally the basis for a gymnastics waiver . The parents can give permission for their child to be photographed by employees to only be used in training or promotional materials for company even if a gymnastics waiver of liability is signed.  In some cases participants must bring guests who help them with body awareness.
Medical Attention:  In gymnastics, the undersigned, being duly aware of the risks and hazards inherent upon participation in the classes, activities, and events being  conducted by the company, school, acting for themselves and the student, hereby elect voluntarily to enter upon said premises under the control of  said corporation, knowing their present condition. Its important they they understand these risks so the gymnastics waiver  will stand up in court.  The undersigned acting for themselves and the student, hereby voluntarily assume all risks of loss, damage or injury,  that may be sustained by the student while in said premises and in the process of learning gymnastics described above.  In the event of any incident which may require immediate medical/dental or any other emergency attention/care, in which the Legal Guardian cannot be notified in a reasonable time through reasonable means, He /She can hereby authorize to take all necessary actions as it relates to immediate medical/training attention, transportation, and emergency medical services as warranted in the course of care of the Undersigned student.

According to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation, the sport of gymnastics has several inherent risks, including the danger of catastrophic injury to the head and neck. Injuries common to the sport gymnastics include acute traumatic injuries from falls and dismounts and overuse injuries from highly intense year-round training.” Always make sure that mats in the gym where your children practice and compete are adequate and in the right position. Also make sure they are using age appropriate equipment. Explain to your kids that one of the most important things to avoid in gymnastics is landing on the head or neck. Injuries to the teeth are also not uncommon, and most young gymnasts do not wear mouth gears, which would help prevent those injuries. In addition to physical risks, gymnastics also poses serious psychological risks for kids. Many coaches encourage their female gymnasts to maintain very trim and fit physiques, which can lead to inducing eating disorders in young people such as anorexia and bulimia. The emphasis on a slender physique can lead some female gymnasts to lower their food intake so much that they deprive their bodies of essential nutrients. If you see any signs of eating disorders, talk with your child or seek some professional help.