Horse Waiver and Release

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Horse Waiver and Release

As the owner of a horse of any kind you can be held liable for its actions. There are equine liability laws in many states. Those states that have horse populations on the high end have stricter laws governing said liability. The most common myth is that equine liability laws simply do not exist. This could not be farther from the truth and horse owners need to be real careful not to get themselves in a situation where their horse is a risk to cause harm to their friends, family members, or even strangers who may come in contact with them. There are two main actions you can take to get started with helping you in regards to any equine liabilityissues that could arise. Promoting safety and making sure you have a good equine liability insurance policy can go a long way in making sure you protect yourself.

As with any industry if you are committed to safety it can go along way in preventing injuries, incidents, and in turn reduce your liability issues. The equine industry is no different as it pertains to safety. Creating a safe environment is something that has to be committed to on a daily basis in order for it to be effective. Performing necessary inspection of the property you are holding the horse in and monitoring your horse’s behavior are just two of the things you might want to consider safety wise. Post signs around your property that promotes safety of both the horses and the people who are around them. Yes, this might sound corny, but the more you drill safety into everyone’s head the more of a chance it has to take hold and be a difference maker. In addition and as it relates to your employees, make sure you develop (even if it is small) a safety program for them to follow. Remember, you will also be held liable if one of your employees should do something negligent and causes an incident in the process. There is no such thing as being too safe. Create a work environment where the goal is to get everyone home safe from you, to the workers, to any visitors that may interact with the horses on your property.

We do not like to think that one of our horses could even potentially hurt someone. It is honestly one of the last things on most horse owner’s minds. Nonetheless if something should happen you need to make sure your covered. If you do not have a good equine liability insurance policy you run the risk of losing everything you worked so hard to build. Is it really worth it? Most horse owners do not think so. There are all different kinds of equine liability insurance. It is recommended to find an agent that specializes or at least is very experienced in the industry. He or she can set you up with the policy that fits your individual situation. Do not skimp! The last thing you want is some inadequate cut-rate policy.

If you create the right safety conscious work environment and have a good equine liability insurance policy you can make owning horses much less nerve racking. Most incidents that happen involving horses are beyond your or anyone else’s control, but at least if you take the proper steps to protect yourself you can have a certain level of piece of mind.