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Everyone is prone to accidents. These accidents can happen anywhere either at your work place or even at your home. In some cases when you met an accident you have a right to demand for compensation by signing a document, popularly known as personal injury waiver. Thus we can say that personal injury waiver is an excerpt that a person may sign to claim for this personal injury or for any damage caused to his personal property. Such documents are generally used by sports organizations, factories, schools, etc.

After signing the personal injury waiver the responsible company sometimes not only helps with your medical expenses, you may also claim for present and future wages.  For example, while working in a factory you got injured then you can easily claim the help for your hospitalization & even for the compensation for your family. When an employer is employing the people for some work and he is aware about the risk involved in that activity as well as the loss he may suffer in case of any accident. In order to obviate themselves they ask each worker to sign such personal injury waiver excerpt. Such it is a part of the strategy of various companies & organizations to avoid such consequences and to protect themselves from any kind of legal formality.

Today many people are interested in adventurous activities. These activities are full of fun but at the same time can be life threatening too. The amusement companies that organize the adventurous events like bungee jumping may also get these personal injury waiver forms signed by the participants. Many organizations like schools, sports companies, etc also ask students to submit such forms in order to avoid any such loss. The personal injury lawyers are also available to help you out in such situations by making you aware about all your rights & laws. They help you to know the right procedure to claim your compensation. Sometimes people fail to get their right due to unawareness. Mostly the conditions and the amount of compensation depend upon the terms and conditions mentioned in the form as well as the laws in the jurisdiction. Only signing a personal injury waiver form is not enough, sometimes still a company has to suffer a financial loss if by any chance organization fails to maintain the safety of the participant. Thus nowadays everyone tries to avoid any such loss by signing the personal injury waiver.

Personal Injury Vocabulary

personal injury claim – civil claim, which relates to physical or mental harm suffered by a claimant, due to the defendant’s alleged negligence

personal injury settlement – its a settlement obtained in a personal injury case. This compensation can be awarded for several different factors including pain and suffering.

personal injury lawyer– a lawyer who provides legal representation to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another personal or company

conditional fee agreement – A contingent fee (in the United States) or conditional fee (in England and Wales) is any fee for services provided where the fee is only payable if there is a favorable result.

small claims court – A local court in which claims for small sums of money can be heard and decided quickly and cheaply, without legal representation

wrongful death – when death happens from a wrongful act that was negligent or intentional. Can server as the basis for a lawsuit.

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Your Questions About Personal Injury Waiver Form

Charles asks…

Personal injury waiver release needed?

I have a new housekeeper starting soon, in my home….and I’m looking for a personal injury waiver form, but I can’t seem to find any related to home employment services. Just some kind of personal injury waiver that she understands there will be slippery floors when she mops and lifting the mop water and could fall down the steps and so on. The standard stuff but I can’t find a sample on the net. Anyone know where I can find something so I don’t have to make one myself? Thanks a lot.

admin answers:

Talk to the local representative of the company that you purchase your home owner’s insurance.
Your home owner’s insurance can best advise you about what you and your own insurance can be held liable.
They should have a personal injury waiver form for you and can supply a Notary to witness the signatures.

Jenny asks…

Can a landlord have a tenant sign a waiver to injury or personal property damage in California?

Is there a waiver form or something similar in which a tenant can sign to waive their right to make claims against the property owner for injury or damage to the tenant’s personal property in California? Please send links or some ideas of what is possible to write up to include in a rental agreement or separately in a waiver. Thanks.

admin answers:

Usually this language is part of the lease agreement. It’s called a Hold Harmless Agreement.
If you can’t find a standard lease agreement to use – it’s worth the money to have an attorney draw up a lease for you.

Linda asks…

I was in a car accident recently where the driver who hit us is at fault. I am not filing a personal injury waiver cl?

Do I have to sign any personal injury waiver from my and the other driver’s insurance company? Do I have a right to say no to the other driver’s insurance company about the waiver?

admin answers:

Hey.. I don;t think you need to tell thier insuarnce company and do not sign a personal injury waiver

Michael asks…

How to I get/write a waiver for my self defense class?

I am going to be starting my own self defense/martial arts class soon and I was wondering where I get the injury waiver forms that state my students can’t sue me if they stub their big toe while sparring, (or if I write them, how to do it). Please give me any information you have, including: personal experience, websites, etc.
I am in the United States, in the southern part of the state of California. I don’t need to know about third party legal issues, as many of you are saying, there is no protection from any attorney sueing me for one of my students kicking an old lady in the head, because it was me who taught him how to kick in the first place. I am not asking for “legal” advice, every martial arts studio must have all of its’ students sign a liability waiver for the possibility of injuries being sustained while on the premises of the studio/school, this is normal. I merely need to know where to find these forms. Thank you all for your responses.

admin answers:


They have legal documents you can download that conform to each state’s laws (you choose the state) for about $10.