Rodeo Waiver

Rodeo Waiver – how to protect yourself

Rodeo is an extremely competitive and dangerous sport. Its origin came from the old word and herding cattle.Today it has evolvd in a set of events that are extremely rough on the body. SOme of the injuries that can happen are concussions, lose of a finger during roping, chronic shoulder and ankle injuries. Is there any wonder that rodeo waiver is necessary to protect yourself?

Rodeo Waiver – What makes a good one

Its quite simple in a rodeo waiver the participant is giving up his right to sue. In most cases this will stand up as long as there was no negligence on the event owners part. (Ie faulty rigging, bad buzzer things that are supplied)

The things that will make this rodeo waiver binding are:

1) Its easily understood and explained to the signee
2) A roden waiver form must possess the same 3 basic components of all waivers: offer, acceptance, and consideration.
3) It needs to be signed voluntarily

As long as these conditions are met your and there was no negligence your rodeo waiver should hold up fine.

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