Yoga Waiver Form

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It seems strange to talk of the modern practice yoga waiver forms when involving such a mystically union of mind, body and spirit combined with the practice of physical postures and poses that create balance throughout the body. All around the world there are yoga studios as well as free lance yoga instructors that teach out of their homes.
and very frequently yoga is used to treat various illnesses such as arthritis, joint, knee, and back pain. These types of illnesses can often be very serious and can be made worse at no real fault of your own. There are a few important steps to take before treatment. First before you treat anyone make sure that they signed an informed consent and yoga waiver form protect yourself from them claiming further injury. This informed consent is not the same as a legal yoga waiver form. The consent is a document that needs to fully disclose any risks they are taking in plain English without any chance for misinterpreting the meaning. Any attempt in this consent to use “legal jargon” can hurt any chance you have for it to stand up in court.

Possible Injuries from Yoga

There are many possible injuries that can occur in Yoga where a consent and yoga waiver form could help protect you and your business. These injuries include


  • Muscle strainsFacet dysfunction from hyper extension of the spineBack sprainsLightheadedTorn ligaments


Among others

Yoga Waiver Form – The protection

Even if your yoga waiver form is perfectly legal and a wise decision on your part. Having a yoga waiver form do not necessarily mean you will win any court case. They do not protect from your negligence so here are some practical guidelines that will bolster your case though. First of all make sure you have insurance, its imperative in any business. Secondly make sure to talk to the students about their injuries. Thirdly make sure you watch their limitations carefully and do not let them over extended and lastly make sure you communicate your instructions in a clear manner.

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